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YOSHIKO KOTOURA : the Founder, Certified Travel Services Manager, Chief Travel Conductor(home and abroad), National Official Licensed Guide(Japan Guide Association) 


Having been living in Kyoto for many years, we came to establish Kyoto Travel Agency in January 2012 to introduce and arrange not only popular tourist spots, restaurants, inns but also off the beaten tracks and places preferred by the locals that large travel agencies won’t usually arrange for tourists from overseas.  

We  want them feel at home in Kyoto, providing them with information that local residents have and we offer home visit programs with cultural hands-on experiences at a local residence in Kyoto.


For overseas residents visiting Kyoto for several days, arranging the tour itinerary that is richly memorable but reasonably priced is a tough job.

You might want to visit world heritage temples and shrines or have wonderful time tasting Kyoto cuisine at fancy Japanese restaurants introduced by Michelin Guide.


But, you might also want to explore off the beaten tracks or try more down to earth Japanese dishes.You might want to take part in Zen meditation sessions at a Zen temple or take full cultural experiences classes at workshops in Kyoto.

But, you might also want to take a look at Japanese way of living and feel a bit of Japanese culture with brief hands-on experiences by a home visit program at a local residence in Kyoto.


Then, this is the Travel Agency for you to contact.We are ready to offer flexibility to arrange several itineraries upon your requests with reasonably priced fees for you and for your group.We are ready to offer warm and friendly services with a licensed English speaking guide and chief travel conductor.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon at your home in Kyoto!

ERI.K : National Official Licensed Guide, Chief Travel Conductor


Hi, I'm Eri.I was born in Marburg in Germany and grew up in Kyoto.After graduating from the university, I moved to Tokyo,a huge modern city, to work as a consultant for American software company and other companies in Tokyo.And now I am back in my hometown and enjoy sharing time with many guests from all over the world.

For those interested in historical places and the culture, Kyoto is one of the best destinations to experience traditional Japanese culture and get in touch with its history.I would be glad to be your guide and be your friend !I'm looking forward to seeing you here in Kyoto !!

*my hobbies:

Tea Ceremony (can serve you a cup of green tea !)

Photography (took most of the photos on our HP.)

YOGA (also have a license to teach YOGA !)

Skiing, Sailing (love outdoor sports.)

Where are the customers from ?

kyoto travel agency

Licensed by Japan Tourism Agency in accordance with the provisions of Travel Agency Law(Scope of Activities: Overseas Travel, Domestic Travel)


Number: Kyoto Prefectural Government Registration No.3-607

Date of License: January 25, 2012,  Revised at: January 25, 2022

Term of Validity: from January 25, 2022 to January 24, 2027

Name: Kyoto Travel Agency

Chief Certified Travel Services Manager: Yoshiko Kotoura