Photography Workshop

“Geiko & Maiko at Toji Temple in Kyoto”

2017.12.2  Sat



We are going to have photography workshop of “Geiko & Maiko in Kyoto” in the very high season of colored leaves at the world heritage temple in Kyoto. 

With the participation of 2 Giko & 3 Maiko from each entertainment district in Kyoto, you will be able to shoot the closer photos of them under the instruction of an eminent professional photographer in Kyoto.


This will be the best memorable opportunity for you in Kyoto with some Japanese participants.

Tourists from abroad are also welcome. Don’t miss it !!


“Maiko” are young trainees before becoming full-fledged “Geiko” (Geisha), who are regarded as professional entertainers

with traditional Japanese art forms such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, tea ceremony, and flower arrangement.

Instructor: Hiroshi Mizobuchi 

Born in 1949.  Founded his own photo studio “Buchi” in 1980.

His primary focus was the Kagai (particularly in the Gion district) where Geiko and Maiko live, conserving and respecting their unique culture.

In June 2015, Mizobuchi published his new photo book “The Kagai in Kyoto” as his celebratory publication for his 40th anniversary of his career as a photographer.



*On booking the 'Photography Workshop', you will get the detailed information

   for the direction to the temple and the further schedule of the workshop.

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