group tourS

We can arrange the group tour from 6 people. To enjoy more comfortable and smooth tour, we recommend using private coach or bus for your group. Please contact us for the arrangement, filling in the following form.


-Customize the itinerary for your group (Family trip, Students group, Company trip, Training program, Hobby club trip)

-Make your trip special with unique cultural experiences and contents

 (i.e. Tea ceremony, Temple stay, Visit artisan, Zen meditation, Dinner with geisha, Japanese cooking, Kimono wearing, Ikebana etc)

-Arrange for the whole or part of your itinerary throughout Japan 

-Reserve transportations for your group (chartered bus, hired car, bullet train tickets)

-Reserve accommodations for your group (hotel,Japanese style inn, temple stay)

-Enjoy with experienced licensed tour guides



-2 weeks Photo shooting trip from Germany (Tokyo,Hakone,Mt.Fuji,Shirakawago,Takayama,Nikko,Kyoto and Nara)

-1 day Company trip from Malaysia (Kyoto)

-7 days Art and design students tour from U.S. (Kyoto,Mt.Koya and Hiroshima)
-7 days University students tour from U.S. (Kyoto,Takayama,Shirakawago and Kanazawa)

-5 days Education training trip from Singapore (Kyoto and Osaka)

-5 days 2 families-trip from Australia (Tokyo and Kyoto)

-9 days 2 families-trip from Slovenia (Tokyo,Hakone,Kyoto,Nara and Osaka)

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